Cleaner, pollutant-free flue gas. Particulate emissions reduced to a minimum

70% Consumption reduction for both pellet stove models

With their 87% actual heat output Famar pellet stoves recover the heat produced by pellet combustion,forcing the flue gas to follow a circuit inside the heat exchanger, where further heat is exchanged though convection and transfer flow burning the unburnt particles that are released. This exchanger is composed of a series of tube bundles in the upper part where tubes and surfaces are exposed to flue gas that is forced into a vortex motion.

The exclusive feature of Famar pellet stoves is the exceptional heat performance obtained thanks to the recovery of the maximum amount of heat from the flue gas and unburnt particles. Very low running costs and reduced fuel consumption also help to make pellet stoves a strong competitor against all other stove models.

Dont look further, look at the quality of Famar

The two Famar pellet stoves, Zefira and Karif 18, have strongly innovative features making them the best performing models in the market today. They are the result of in-depth research into pellet combustion and energy recovery aimed at using flue gas heat to maximum advantage resulting in an unbeatable 87% actual heat efficiency. Famar has designed exclusive electronic automatic and manual control systems for its pellet stoves to guarantee permanently constant room temperatures; as an alternative it is possible to select one of the five available heat output levels to control the pellet consumption levels through a remote connection to a thermostat.

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